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Chinmaya Mission of Orlando is also conducting language classes to enable our children read, write and understand native Indian languages. This is a big task undertaken by the Ashram as this provides an opportunity for our youth to be exposed to our native languages as a group and community. Language classes are currently offered in Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu and children are assigned to classes based on their proficiency in the language chosen. Please refer to the following table for more details.



Hindi I All verbal.Letters Ka to Vowels Aa to Agna.Recognition of letters and ability to read.Counting 1- 10 in HindiName of 10 fruit and vegetables.Few poems in Hindi.
Hindi II Vowels and letters (ability to read and write).Counting 1 to 20 in Hindi.Barah-Khari Matras.Work on small letters without Matras.Names of fruits & vegetables (verbal only).Hindi Poems.Simple conversation in Hindi.
Hindi III Continue Hindi letters from Hindi-II class.Start with small words (written).Words with Matras.Names of fruits & vegetables (verbal & written).Relationships e.g. Dada, Dadi, Nana, Nani...Colors in Hindi.Ability to write name in Hindi.Conversation in Hindi (e.g. given an example of fruit like apple, students should discuss about that with class and teacher. Like what color, size, taste etc.)Puzzles and games.
Hindi IV Start with words with Matras (oral and written).Sentence making.English to Hindi translation.Use of half words and Ra. Use in sentence making and verbal exercises.Introduction to tenses.Relationships - more details like family tree.More colors.Days of week in Hindi.
Hindi V Hard words in Hindi.Hindi sentences - read and write.Conversation - develop ability to carry on a discussion in Hindi.Stories - read and write. Questions & answers.Use of all three tenses.Use of gender in sentences.Opposite words.Animal names.Games - Antakshari or Hindi word search.
Hindi VI Advanced - writing essays and stories. Speech in Hindi
Hindi Language Class for Adults Advanced Comprehension, Learning special letters, Understanding the pronouns and its usage, Identifying the short and long form of letters.  Main focus on conversation


Gujarati I Familiarization, pronunciation of Gujarati alphabet and numbers (1 to 10) and tracing.
Gujarati II Emphasis writing skills and memorization of numbers. Introduce vowel symbols.  Formation of simple sentences.
Gujarati III Memorization of numbers complete Basic reading and writing development. More on sentence formation.
Gujarati IV Advance writing and reading with daily vocabulary.


Telugu I Learn beginning & ending prayers for the class.Read & write alphabets.Understand vowels & consonants.Read & practice simple words.Count to 10 in Telugu.Learn up to three Telugu poems.
Telugu II Read & write Telugu GuninthamsRead & write Telugu words.Speak Telugu words & sentences.Telugu story (comprehend Telugu words).Telugu poems/songs.Practice conversing in Telugu.
Telugu III Write small sentences in Telugu.Read small paragraphs.Converse in Telugu.Learn Telugu poems/songs.


Tamil I Introduction of vowels and consonants
Tamil II Learning to read, write and memorize  vowels, consonants and the combination. Memorizing the days, number and color. General reading
Tamil III Start word formation, matras, grammar, reading, making sentences, listening and memorizing tamil
Tamil IV Comprehension. Learning special letters. Understanding the pronouns and its usage. Identifying the short and long form of letters.
Tamil V Paragraphs, stories, focus on reading and writing paragraphs. Question and Answers
Tamil VI Advanced with main focus on conversation

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