Geeta Chanting
Birth Centenary
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The 2016 edition of our annual Geeta Chanting event was held on Sunday, April 17 2016. It was based on Chapter 12 "Bhakti Yoga". Over 90 children chanted and the following children were recognized for exceptional performance.

Group 1 (ages 5 and under):

First place: Shaunak Kshirsagar
Second place (tie): Aanya Shah, Aarna Thumsi
Third place: Smaran Kshirsagar

Group 2 (ages 6 to 7):

First place (tie): Nitya Duddella, Shreyas Korimilli
Second place (tie): Trisha Gokhale, Chandrani Nakka, Dhanya Rao
Third place (tie): Roma Saraf, Veda Tigura, Prisni Nawala
Honorable Mention: Indrani Nakka, Srijan Grandai

Group 3 (ages 8 to 10):

First place (tie): Manasi Prasad, Tara Chandra
Second place (tie): Badri Nagarajan, Sakshi Trivedi, Jay Kapur, Srinivas Selva
Third place (tie): Tejeshwar Umamaheshwar, Pranav Tigura

Group 4 (ages 11 and up):

First place (tie): Aishwarya Babuji, Uma Menon, Aditya Nambiar, Mallika Satish, Sanjana Prasad
Second place (tie): Savitri Trivedi, Aneesh Cherukuri, Saardhak Bhrugubanda, Priyanka Chandra
Third place: Ritisha Suresh
Honorable Mention: Anshuman Singh, Kamini Kabilan, Abhiram Chilukuri, Lokambika Muthu, Shirley Pandya, Mitik Merchant, Paarinita Dube, Srajan Dube, Kashyap Sreeram, Anila Bhusam, Samhith Bhrugubanda

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